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How did you know that? It's an age-old question.

Our answer: I read it in a book.

Whether you are looking for self-enrichment, something to read to learn more about where your travels will take you, or something to read on your charter, we have a few selections to offer from our personal library.



Don’t Stop the Carnival

By Herman Wouk

Middle-aged New York City press agent Norman Paperman escapes the dreary rat race of city life and heads to the Caribbean to reinvent himself as an innkeeper. The book is thought to be based on Wouk’s personal experiences as a hotel manager on St. Thomas in the 1960s. Singer Jimmy Buffet collaborated with Wouk to create a musical adaptation of the book in the late 1990s.



The Islands Time Forgot: Exploring the South Pacific Under Sail

By Graham Morse

Following in the wake of explorers like Captain Cook, author Graham Morse decides to sail the South Pacific with his wife Janet in 2007. He chronicles their voyage as they examine Polynesian culture, meet memorable characters, swim with sharks, and discover that life hasn’t changed all that much in the past 200 years for those living on these remote, exotic islands.



Croatia: A Nation Forged in War

By Marcus Tanner

Tanner covers Croatia’s long and bloody history from the middle ages through the breakup of the former Soviet satellite state of Yugoslavia after the death of communist ruler Josip Broz Tito. Despite its troubled, violent history, Croatia has rebounded and has developed into a modern democratic state.


Beyond the Horizon

By Robert Grandcourt

Inspired by historical events and set in the idyllic Seychelles, Beyond the Horizon unfolds in the years after the French Revolution. It tells the story of a slave named Yaya, her son Alfred, and his illicit affair with the daughter of a slave owner and profiteer. Author Robert Grandcourt — a former soldier, economist and government official — lives in Praslin, the Seyschelles' second-most populous island



To Venture Further

By Tristan Jones

The story begins on the Kra Peninsula, which separates the Andaman Sea from the Gulf of Thailand. Sailor Tristan Jones and his ragtag crew navigate the peninsula’s waterways — a short but incredibly difficult route. In their small fishing vessel, they encounter numerous obstacles along the way — including being towed by an elephant in a dry riverbed — but persevere in the face of every challenge.


La Paz, Mexico

The Baja Adventure Book

By Walt Peterson

Read this exhaustive, encyclopedic guide to discovering just about every outdoor adventure available in sunny, beautiful Baja California in Mexico. From boating to diving to fishing to backpacking to climbing and more, Peterson leaves readers wondering whether he ever takes time to rest.

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