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Zescapes Tonga Getaway
May 15—22, 2018

Proteus Yacht Charters Joins Zescapes Vacations To Launch
An Inclusive, 7-Day Tonga Getaway Cruise.

Spend a week sailing and absorbing the atmosphere in the South Pacific paradise of Tonga. Once a British protectorate, the Tongan archipelago comprises 177 volcanic islands and coral reefs.


Discover isolated lagoons, see dramatic sunsets and limestone cliffs thousands of miles away from the nearest continent. Experience island culture, feast on local foods, witness the habits of humpback wales, kayak, windsurf and sail the aquamarine waters of the enchanting South Pacific for the adventure of a lifetime.

Sailing In Tonga

Your sailing platform will be the Sunsail 444, a revolutionary catamaran that uniquely balances comfort, space and a sailing performance unrivalled by most catamarans. Your adventure begins at the island village of Neiafu traveling a circular route around the Vava'u archipelago, visiting Kapa, Tapana, Mounu, Lape, Hunga, Lotuma and back to the island of Vava’u.

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Slots for the Tonga Getaway are now available for $3,499.00 (USD) for a double-occupancy cabin ($250 per person per day).*

*Price includes the boat charter fee, fuel, insurance and provisioning. Activities include snorkeling, sunbathing, swimming, and sightseeing.

Your Host

Zuzana Prochazka

Zuzana holds a U.S. Coast Guard 100-Ton Master’s license. She organizes and leads flotillas around the world for Zescapes.com. When not on the water, Zuzana works as a freelance writer and photographer for over a dozen boating and travel publications.


As an international presenter on charter destinations and technical boating topics, she chairs new boat and innovation award programs, is a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, and serves on Boating Writers International’s board of directors.

Day 1

Neiafu, Vava'u to Port Maurelle, Kapa

1-Hour Sailing Time

Pick up your charter yacht in Neiafu. Explore this traditional Tongan village and then set sail into the South Pacific. Cruise through the narrow inlet that shelters the marina at Neiafu and head south to the verdant island of Kapa. Anchor in the Port Maurelle bay, where you just may be the only visitors on the deserted beach, or snorkel the sapphire waters to see tropical marine life. Port Maurelle is a great place to spot majestic humpback whales sounding in the deep waters of the lagoon.

Day 2

Tapana Island — 1-Hour Sailing Time

Leave Kapa heading east to make the short sailing jaunt to Tapana Island. This lush green and pristine island is a perfect place to drop anchor for the night. A traditional Tongan feast can be arranged once you’ve landed. There is great snorkeling. And if you’re lucky when you take a dip, you just may end up swimming with the whales.


Take in a floating art gallery and see the work of local artisans or embark on a short day trip to the nearby island of Nuku. You’ll find plenty to do. Or, just unplug, kick back and relax.

Day 3

Mounu island — 3-Hour Sailing Time

Sail southwest from Tapana past the stunning islands of this Polynesian paradise. Take a detour to Fonua’one’one and spend the day on this unspoiled South Pacific island exploring the beach and jungle, or travel straight through to Mounu. Here, you’ll find all the luxuries of a South Pacific resort. Relax on this beach-rimmed island, snorkel with the fishes, or take a turn at kitesurfing on the ever-present winds that stir the waters around Mounu.

Day 4

Lape — 0.8-Hour Sailing Time

Sail northwest of Mounu to the island of Lape. The islanders welcome visitors with a Tongan feast accompanied by traditional singing, dancing and performing. This island offers great snorkeling, and you may be fortunate enough to see humpback whales swimming nearby. The island of Vaka’eitu and the village of Matamaka on Nuapapu Island are perfect choices for day trips. From the local church, you may hear islanders singing mesmerizing hymns among the trees.

Day 5

Hunga Lagoon, Hunga

3-Hour Sailing Time

Sail west toward Hunga. Hunga is a sunken volcano, its crater flooded and transformed into a picturesque lagoon, which provides a perfect natural anchorage rimmed with beaches. You motor into the lagoon and anchor at the northern end in this magical tropical retreat. Take out your rod and reel and fish the waters for billfish, mahi mahi, tuna and other game fish species. If you get lucky, you will enjoy dinner fresh from the sea. Sit back and toast a spectacular sunset over the South Pacific while celebrating your memorable day.

Day 7

Lotuma to Neiafu, Vava'u

45-Minute Sailing Time

Sail from Lotuma back to the captivating village of Neiafu. Indulge in a leisurely breakfast before returning to base for the morning check in. Spend the afternoon on shore, drinking in the laid-back island atmosphere, taking in the sights or doing a bit of shopping for handcrafts made by local artists from island materials on beautiful Vava’u.

Day 6

Lotuma — 3-Hour Sailing Time

Sail north and the tiny islet of Lotuma comes into view — the perfect place to spend your last night in Tonga. Relax at the beachside resort, dine on fresh seafood and sip your cocktail watching the sun melt into the ocean with a final burst of color. A must-do side trip sailing just past Nuapapu Island on your way to Lotuma is Mariner’s Cave. Accessible
only underwater — you must dive
about 6 or 7 feet to reach it — this mesmerizing chamber is filled with unearthly turquoise light.


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